Bernhardt Debuts Its Techy Showroom In The Heart Of Fashionable Manila

Bernhardt Debuts Its Techy Showroom In The Heart Of Fashionable Manila

ONEMEGA.COM by Tessa Alindogan 
July 27, 2021

Furniture company Bernhardt enters the playing field with the country’s first-ever fully immersive smart furniture showroom.

For 135 years, furniture company Bernhardt has had a long history of creating exquisite furniture pieces that transform spaces into alluring homes.

Going back, it all started with a passion and an eye for furniture making. The whole journey, from the beginning, up to this moment, was showcased through their pieces—through their distinct design and identity.

Beauty in Creative Artistry

Bernhardt Furniture was brought to the Philippines 5 years ago. And as luck would have it, the brand was well-received by Filipino homemakers. Since then, it has become an international brand that is appreciated and revered in the home and design industry.

Taking the idea of beauty in art and translating it into the pursuit of furniture making, Bernhardt’s furniture collections aspire to be ideal. Inspired by that artistic passion, the furniture pieces feature fine craftsmanship, unique materials, a distinctly modern styling, and thoughtful details that allow for effortless sophistication.

A Smart Furniture Showroom
Aiming to be more accessible to Filipinos in Manila, Bernhardt Furniture has finally opened its second permanent home. Located at the Rockwell Center in Makati—the heart of fashionable Manila—it’s definitely a fitting location for Bernhardt’s halfway home.

The furniture company has also been known for exceeding standards. Beyond that, it’s known for going out of its way to give clients a better and more holistic home experience. To do so, Bernhardt elevated the whole concept of a “Furniture Showroom” by introducing the first-ever fully immersive smart furniture showroom in the Philippines. This was made possible through a collaboration with the leading smart home provider in the country, SmartAge Solutions.

Imagine walking through the showroom and instructing Alexa, Google, or even Siri to open the curtains. Imagine turning off the lights, the AC, or simply asking about the weather condition. Amazing, isn’t it?

A walk-through in this brand new Bernhardt-Rockwell showroom is undoubtedly a must-see—no, a must-experience—for everyone, homeowners included.

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