Deck the Halls: Light up your Home with Whimsy

Deck the Halls: Light up your Home with Whimsy

THE PHILIPPINE STAR by Marbbie C. Tagabucba 
December 8, 2023

Minimalist “Millennial Gray” is out. Even Marie Kondo herself, after the changes in her life early this year, “let go of (her) need for perfection altogether.” Being surrounded by things that reflect who you are and inspire you sparks joy. While we can’t do a full-on Nancy Meyers movie eclectic aesthetic overhaul in a day — creating a home out of a house is a process — one way to change up the look and feel of your home instantly is by adding new lighting. So why not make it fun?

M Décore is the lighting and home accessories arm of Mav Furniture, offering statement pieces curated from all over the world. They carry a wide range of accessories like planters, vases and mirrors, but their wide selection of lamps is a must-see, whether for your floor or your ceiling or side tables. They are sure to not only add a warm glow but also make it just as interesting as you are.

M Décore is located at 2/F Cromagen Building B, 8007 Pioneer Street, Pasig; One Rockwell East Tower, Makati; and 51 Connecticut Street, Greenhills. Follow @mdecoreph for updates.

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