Interior Design Tips for the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon

Interior Design Tips for the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon

February 1, 2024 

As we usher in the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon, it's the perfect time to infuse our homes with positive energy and auspicious vibes. In Chinese culture, the new year signifies a time of renewal, prosperity, and harmony. What better way to embrace the spirit of the Wood Dragon than by incorporating thoughtful interior design elements that reflect these values? Here are some expert tips to help you create a home that welcomes abundance and balance in the year ahead.

Create harmony with a round dining table. A size that fits everyone comfortably signifies stability.

Dining rooms are considered a crucial part for attracting prosperity as it is where the family eats. The bigger the table and the better it fits the people in a household reflects the flow of energy and abundance for the year. Avoid cramping the seats and opt for a size that seats everyone comfortably. (Featured: Bernhardt Somerset Round Dining Table)

Style and fill up your trays with fruits.

Fill up trays and ceramic bowls on top of your center tables with auspicious items like fruits, crystals, and sweets for abundance. (Featured: Bernhardt Kaori Cocktail Table)

Add flowers in living spaces to promote calm.

Aside from adding visual interest and color to a space, flowers also help promote good chi. Combined with decluttering and proper storage solutions and open spaces, it promotes better mental clarity. (Featured: Bernhardt Beckett Love Seat)

Classic and elegant, white and gold combinations can also help improve personal vibration.

Color plays a significant role in Chinese culture, with certain hues symbolizing luck, prosperity, and joy. Embrace the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year by incorporating classic and elegant hues such as white and gold into your interior design scheme. Red, in particular, is considered auspicious and is believed to bring good fortune and happiness so incorporating it in accent pieces like throw pillows, lamps, or decor to infuse your space with positive energy and vitality. (Featured: Bernhardt Blanchard End Table and Blanchard Rectangular Cocktail Table)

Clear out, store and organize to allow for good and uninterrupted flow of vibrant chi throughout your space.

A clutter-free environment promotes clarity of mind and allows positive energy to flow freely throughout your home. Declutter and organize your living spaces, clearing out any unnecessary items and create a sense of openness and serenity. Consider rearranging furniture to optimize the flow of chi, or life force energy, and refresh your space with new decor accents or seasonal touches that inspire renewal and rejuvenation. Invest in storage like armoires, cabinets, and drawers to hold your belongings. (Featured: Bernhardt Solaria Bar Cabinet)


As we celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon, let's embrace the opportunity to create a home that reflects our aspirations for prosperity, harmony, and well-being. By incorporating elements of wood, vibrant colors, and meaningful traditions into our interior design, we can cultivate a space that welcomes abundance and positive energy in the year ahead. Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Lunar New Year filled with happiness, health, and harmony!

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